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  • OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND: Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing this under you clothing as your valuables will be completely concealed. It's a great load off your mind.
  • HASSLE FREE QUICK ACCESS POCKETS: There are three secure pouches. One large pocket at the back that can hold your phone and wallet. Two pouches at the front. One that is exactly the right size for your passport and the other that is perfectly suited for your bankcards. This separation of pockets makes it much easier to quickly access all you need at a moment's notice so as not to blow your cover.
  • PEACE OF MIND IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES: When travelling abroad, the last thing you want is to worry about your valuables being stolen or getting lost. The front pocket is made of RFID material which blocks any connection to a contactless charge machine. Always have the upper hand against even the most resourceful touts and thieves.
  • YOU'LL FORGET YOU'RE WEARING IT: Its innovative ergonomic design made of lightweight but tough breathable material, together with its mesh and sponge combination padding on the back, makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The strap has been tested on a variety of body shapes and sizes. It is fully adjustable to fit larger and smaller men and women. MountFlow are so sure of the high quality that all money belts come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!
  • A MUST HAVE FOR CONCERTS, FESTIVALS AND SPORTS EVENTS: The money belt can also be used in a wide range of other situations. Make sure you wear it in crowded places, when going out for a run or even when collecting or paying money at markets.

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Colour: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 0.2 x 13.5 cm ; 59 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 82 g
  • Item model number: MF-MB-001
  • ASIN: B01ET6M13O
Colour Name:Black

Do you want to go to a foreign country and keep your money and valuables in the most obvious places? No? I thought not. You gotta get a money belt! And it's gotta be MountFlow.

Apart from the obvious reason that a money belt hides your money there are other reasons to get one and the reasons to get a MountFlow money belt.

Convenience: Instead of stashing all your valuables in various pockets and bags you keep them all in one secure place, right next to your body.

Peace of Mind: Maybe you haven't lost or had anything stolen from you whilst travelling but if it ever did happen you know it could ruin your holiday. This money belt will eliminate that risk completely.

Great design:

The MountFlow belt has been designed with the wearer in mind. It has extended flaps on the side to help it wrap around your waist to ensure a snug fit.

On the back there is a combination of mesh and sponge to help prevent you heating up around there and in case you do sweat it soaks it all up so you never feel it.

The adjustable strap goes from very long to very short. No matter what shape you are it's gonna fit.

Strap length ranges:

Smallest total length including the pouch: 85cm

Smallest strap length: 53cm

Longest total length including the pouch: 130cm

Longest strap length: 100cm

The clip is really secure and placed on the front. So it's not going to undue by mistake.

Don't rest on your laurels and think your pockets and bag are good enough! The companies you bought your clothes and bag from did not design them with security in mind! MountFlow, on the other hand, did.

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